The Devil’s Canyon Mollem

Scenic Spots

Molem, South Goa




The Devil’s Canyon Mollem
The Devil’s Canyon Mollem
The Devil’s Canyon Mollem
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The Devil’s Canyon near Dudhsagar Waterfalls, so far as anyone knows, gets its name from the pinnacles, needles and balanced rocks that form its canyon walls that resemble distorted human forms. There are two routes to the canyon, one through the Mollem National Park which is the longer route and goes on for about 10 km. The other, is from the Collem Railway station which is only 3 km long. You can choose to take any of these, however, the more strenuous trek through the national park is recommended as you have a chance to spot black panthers along the way. This place is so scenic and you get plenty of spots to click amazing pictures. There are times when the monsoon is at its peak and this place gets entirely submerged in water. The water currents are very strong, hence swimming at The Devil’s Canyon is strictly prohibited.


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