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At OneBoard, our mission is to enable real expert micro-entrepreneurs to deliver authentic experiences to explorers. To bring this mission to life, we’ve created services focused on true value creation.

OneBoard: A search and discovery platform for the best experiences provided by reliable vendors. We personally verify providers and experiences, ensuring customers are not scammed. A self-serve platform for customers to chat and book directly with providers.

OneBoard ASSURED: Your Hassle-Free Guaranteed Booking Service. We understand your needs and take the guesswork out, guaranteeing a great experience. We are your point of contact, assisting you until your experience is completed and reviewed. Your feedback is vital for maintaining the highest standards.

OneBoard B2B: : A super-easy tour and activity management platform that allows you to focus on providing professional and wonderful experiences.


Our Story

We are a team of young individuals with over 30 years of experience in the travel industry in Goa. Our team comprises engineers, travel specialists, and entrepreneurs with years of experience in our individual fields. Being born and brought up in Goa, we understand tourists' pain points when they visit. We are extremely passionate about what we do, having nothing but love for our state, ensuring tourists and everyone here can truly experience Goa in an informed and safe manner. With amazing investors, mentors, and partners guiding us, we aim to bring our mission to life. Follow us on our social media for updates and stories.


Problems being addressed by OneBoard

  • Finding tours, activities, and offbeat experiences is challenging due to information saturation.
  • At OneBoard, discover all must-dos on one platform, with information managed by providers for accuracy. We verify each experience and provider, offering curated DIYs for you.

Problems being addressed by ASSURED service

  • Booking tours and activities is confusing causing decision-fatigue, and scams are prevalent.
  • OneBoard ASSURED ensures safe and guaranteed bookings.

Why we don’t charge Experience Providers for using OneBoard.

  • We believe in #SupportLocal, therefore we give Local Providers free access to online booking and visibility tools. To learn more,click here

Team Members

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Ryan Prazeres

Co-founder & CEO

Ryan was the sole founder of Piggy Hostels, a fast growing start-up and has scaled the brand to 7 hostels before being acquired and had a 5x exit on i...Read More

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Ray Vaz

Co-founder & CBDO

Ray, A Hospitality industry Maestro for 15 years. Marriott hotels experience paved the path to his first venture - VKTS: Travel Solutions. The zeal fo...Read More

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Shreyansh Doshi


Shreyansh is a coding enthusiast and technical team lead. Shreyansh masters in database architecture and backend development. At OneBoard, Shreyansh i...Read More

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Varun Chawla

Investor via Build3 and advisor

Varun is the co-founder of 91springboard, one of the biggest coworking communities in India. Varun is a seasoned builder of new ideas and has founded ...Read More



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Curated for couch potatoes, explorers, and weekend travellers, OneBoard’s list of authentic experiences is put together to help you discover parts of Goa that remain infamous. With our inter-connected experience ecosystem, you can create a highly personalised tour, attend a local workshop or find cool new things to do. Your search ends with OneBoard.

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