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Thai Yoga Massage by Sunbird Healing Studio


Aldona, North Goa




Provided By:

Sunbird Healing Studio

Thai Yoga Massage by Sunbird Healing Studio
Thai Yoga Massage by Sunbird Healing Studio
Thai Yoga Massage by Sunbird Healing Studio


THAI YOGA MASSAGE Thai Yoga Massage (in Thai: Nuad Boran) is a unique healing art which is centuries old and combines techniques and principles of Yoga, Acupressure and Thai Traditional Medicine. A treatment of Thai Yoga Massage has many benefits only a few will be mentioned here: It helps to boost your immune system and detoxifies your body, works on your blood pressure, helps your muscles to relax and increases muscle flexibility and general mobility. It increases your breathing ability and helps you against anxiety and stress. With Thai Yoga Massage we can improve your alignment and the body appearance. It helps to slower the aging process and balances mind and body. It is very good for physical treatment of tight fascia, painful joints and tight muscle bands and knots. It has the ability to open your inner and outer energy lines and boosts you from inside and outside. In my practice Loving Kindness (Metta in Buddhist spirituality) plays a vital role. Practitioner and receiver connect on a very deep compassionate level. So it becomes a healing practice for both participants.

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