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Studio Arpora | Art Gallery

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Arpora, North Goa




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Studio Arpora

Studio Arpora | Art Gallery
Studio Arpora | Art Gallery
Studio Arpora | Art Gallery


Saffron says her life in Goa and her growing up years, watching her mum paint scenes from everyday Goa, is what inspired her to pick up the brush herself. Till a few years back, the two would turn their home into a gallery to exhibit everything Shireen had created through the year. As years went by and artworks kept getting added to the collection, this model became a tad impractical. The challenge prompted them to toy with the idea of a gallery space that would accommodate all the artworks without hosting everyone at home and limiting the experience to an annual event. And now, after all the love, tears and hardwork, Studio Arpora’s done and ready. The beauty of studio is how it celebrates two different worlds and two different perspectives. Saffron’s love for delicate watercolours and Shireen’s trademark acrylic on canvas, both find creative expression in this dreamy studio, where time takes a break. We’re told that they intend on doing more home linen with cushion covers and the likes, but for now, you can enjoy Saffron’s scarves, wrapping papers and kitchen towels with beautiful motifs. She also does ink illustrations on paper and all the originals are for sale; they start at only INR 500. There goes that archaic notion of art being unaffordable. Right? The hand painted silk scarves are for 6k, just in case you’re thinking of what you can get your mum or your bestie on their special day.

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