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Splashdown Waterpark

Splashdown Waterpark
Splashdown Waterpark
Splashdown Waterpark


Beat the Goa heat and make a splash at Splashdown Waterpark, Goa's coolest water playground! This action-packed park offers something for everyone, from daring thrill-seekers to families with little ones. Imagine plummeting down heart-stopping slides like the 'Awesome 3some,' a three-lane racing monster that guarantees adrenaline rush. Feeling adventurous? Hold on tight and twist your way down the winding 'Zoom Flume,' a high-speed adventure for all ages. Do you have a fearless spirit? Test your nerves on the 'Tornado,' a dark enclosed tube that flushes you into a swirling bowl before a final drop into the pool. For breathtaking twists and turns, the 'Twister' is a must-try, sending you on a thrilling ride before a safe landing. Looking for a ride with a double dose of excitement? The 'Boomerang' plunges you down before launching you backwards for an exhilarating experience. For a different kind of fun, the 'Panic Attack' lives up to its name – a giant inflatable slide that guarantees a thrilling descent and a soft landing. But Splashdown isn't just for grown-ups! The 'Tad Pool' is a shallow paradise for little ones, featuring kid-sized slides and playful water features that ensure a safe and splashtastic time. They can cool off on the 'Curly Wurly' slide, race their friends down the 'Yee Haa!', or enjoy gentle curves on the 'Caterpillar.' Feeling brave? The 'Tiger's Tail' whisks you through a black and yellow tube slide for a wild ride, while the 'Family Flume' offers a gentle descent perfect for groups or families with younger children. There's more! Splashdown boasts a giant tipping bucket named 'Flippy the Fish' that will leave you soaked with laughter, and an 'Aqua Dance' zone where you can bust a move under refreshing showers. Capture all the fun with a pitstop at the photo booth before heading home. So whether you crave heart-pounding thrills or a day of family fun, Splashdown Waterpark has something for everyone. Book your tickets today and get ready to make a splash!

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