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Spice Adventure
Spice Adventure
Spice Adventure


Escape the ordinary and set out on a thrilling adventure at Spice Adventure by NV Ecofarm, Goa! This unique eco-farm offers a vibrant blend of nature exploration, cultural immersion, and heart-pounding activities, perfect for all ages and interests. Imagine a sprawling green haven where you can delve into the secrets of Goa's rich agricultural heritage. Explore spice plantations bursting with fragrant aromas and enjoy informative tours led by knowledgeable locals. Learn about traditional cultivation methods and witness the journey of spices from plant to plate. But Spice Adventure by NV Ecofarm isn't just about spices! Delve deeper into the fascinating world of cashews with their unique processing and distillation tours. Uncover the secrets behind Goa's famous 'Feni,' a traditional cashew liquor, and witness the intriguing process firsthand. Feeling curious about sustainable farming practices? Step inside the Poly House, a dedicated space for experimenting with organic cultivation techniques. Learn about eco-friendly methods that nurture the land and ensure a healthy harvest. After a day of exploration, recharge with a delicious buffet. Savour delicious local dishes prepared with fresh, farm-grown ingredients, a delightful way to experience the flavours of Goa. Feeling adventurous? Spice Adventure caters to thrill-seekers too! Challenge yourself with a bridge walk, testing your balance and conquering your fears. For an adrenaline rush, try ziplining through the lush greenery or scaling the challenging walls. Camping under a blanket of stars adds another layer of excitement to your escape. NV Ecofarm isn't just a destination; it's an experience. Embrace the beauty of nature, delve into local traditions, and create lasting memories at Spice Adventure. Book your visit today and discover a hidden gem in the heart of Goa!

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