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Savoi Plantation

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Savoi Spice Plantation Tour
Savoi Spice Plantation Tour
Savoi Spice Plantation Tour


Immerse yourself in a world of exotic aromas and vibrant nature at Savoi Spice Plantation, Goa's hidden gem! Established over 200 years ago, this beautifully maintained farm offers a unique glimpse into Goa's rich agricultural heritage. Imagine strolling amidst lush greenery, breathing in the invigorating scents of spices like cardamom and cinnamon. Knowledgeable guides will unveil the secrets of these fragrant plants, from their cultivation to their culinary uses. You'll also discover a treasure trove of medicinal herbs, each with its own unique properties. But Savoi Spice Plantation isn't just about plants! Keep your eyes peeled for a variety of birds flitting around the serene pond, a haven for nature enthusiasts. As day gives way to night, the farm comes alive with vibrant entertainment. Witness captivating Goan dance performances and delve into the region's rich folklore. Feeling famished after your exploration? Savour the taste of Goa! Savoi Spice Plantation treats you to a traditional Saraswat cuisine feast, a symphony of flavours served on earthen pots and banana leaves for an authentic touch. And to top it off, you can indulge in farm-fresh fruits and vegetables organically grown on the plantation itself. Looking for an extended escape? Savoi Spice Plantation offers a comfortable overnight stay with modern amenities, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the Goan hinterlands. So, ditch the usual tourist trail and embark on a captivating journey through Savoi Spice Plantation. Book your tour today and discover a haven of nature, culture, and delicious Goan hospitality!

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