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Sao Joao Festival in Aldona

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Aldona, North Goa




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Sao Joao Festival in Aldona
Sao Joao Festival in Aldona
Sao Joao Festival in Aldona
Sao Joao Festival in Aldona


During the monsoons in Goa, Sao Joao is one of the festivals that is celebrated. This particular festival is commemorated on 24th June and is dedicated to St John the Baptist. As years passed by, this festival lost its authenticity and charm. To show people how Sao Joao was and is actually celebrated in Goa we have curated this particular event. Aldona is considered as the most beautiful village in Goa. A scenic place to visit during the monsoons that holds a beautiful chapel. We would be unfolding some of the interesting stories, traditions and legends through this Sao Joao event. Usually our forefathers would jump into a well or a stream in their neighborhood and something similar is what you can participate in. This experience would help you to showcase your creativity while making a kopel or test your knowledge on some of the age old Goan songs which would be played with the traditional Goan instruments like Ghumot. Sao Joao calls for the occasion of eating the authentic Goan sweet dish Patolyo which would be prepared by locals itself along with some snacks. We would conclude this festival with a glass of wine. Viva Sao Joao!!!

Key Highlights of Sao Joao Festival in Aldona

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