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Panjim-Tales & Trails by Blive

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Varca, South Goa




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Panjim-Tales & Trails by Blive
Panjim-Tales & Trails by Blive
Panjim-Tales & Trails by Blive


The Old Latin Quarter E-biking experience is a delightful tour linking the two main towns of Panjim and visiting several main cultural spots of the city while E-biking along nature and the unplanned town of the Old Latin Quarter's. Start with tobacco square and Fontainhas, one of the most beautiful cities of India classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Witness Asia’s Oldest Mint house and get insights about the colonial commerce and trade. Witness the town planning & understand the unique architecture and Learn about Home Made Wine’s, the beverage and the associated culinary dimension of its own at the oldest Indo-Portuguese house of the town. Savour the local authentic delicacies, indulge & bask in the sun as you ride gently along the narrow lanes of Fontainhas. Experience the city’s ancient canals resembling the old city of Venice, cruise along the lively seaside towards Altinho on the right bank of the broad Mandovi river estuary, the main capital city of Panjim graciously reclines over rolling hills. Exceptional natural light, which has long inspired writers, photographs and filmmakers, the brightly coloured buildings straddling the slopes, the striking ochre of the roofs, the tiling on so many facades and the narrow twisting alleys of the medieval districts bestow Altinho with the peculiar atmosphere giving you the feeling of a city perched somewhere between the European North and the Mediterranean South.

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