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Overnight Camping Near Valpoi


Valpoi, North Goa




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Khoj-aao Adventures

Overnight Camping Near Valpoi
Overnight Camping Near Valpoi
Overnight Camping Near Valpoi


Camping is one of our favourite communal experiences– a chance to share with others, cook on the fire, sing songs, tell stories and to just ‘be’ in nature surrounded by wildlife, curiosity and adventure. Our campsite is safe, simple, natural, and comfortable. A short walk up a hill and onto a hillock, the campsite is surrounded by beautiful cashew plantation, and is full of amazing biodiversity including an abundance of birdlife and sounds! There’s a lot to experience around the campsite in the evening, night and morning. At the heart of the campsite, we have a communal campfire space where we build an evening fire to stay warm and prepare our dinner. Everyone can choose a spot to pitch a tent and enjoy the night in the great outdoors. There are toilet and shower facilities at the campsite, to make your experience in the outdoors more comfortable. In the morning, we take a short nature walk, down to a small stream and back via the village– it’s a lovely area to explore. After a delicious local breakfast provided by our community partners, we say our farewells and head back home, refreshed and recharged! Our campsite is a great immersive exploratory environment for small groups, students, families, those new to camping and age-old nature lovers. It’s a great experience for a retreat or offbeat celebration. The campsite is a place for exploration, discovery and peaceful existence with nature. Guests are requested to limit the use of technology to emergencies only. As the site has no mobile reception, it’s the perfect excuse to remain off the grid during the camping experience. In the outdoors, it’s a great experience to listen and observe the sounds of nature. We ask that campers respect the quiet surroundings, too.

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