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Latambarchem, North Goa




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Maka Di Brewery Tour
Maka Di Brewery Tour


Embark on an enchanting journey guided by a passionate expert, unveiling the captivating realm of our craft beer universe. Step into our brewery and witness the intricate artistry behind the creation of Our Astronomically Good Beer, gaining insights into the exceptional ingredients that define its uniqueness. Engage in enriching conversations with our esteemed brewers and dedicated research team, the true luminaries behind the curtain. The Latambarcem brewery tour presents a rare and exclusive opportunity. Amidst the embrace of lush fields, woods, meadows, and meandering streams, with the grandeur of the Western Ghats on the horizon, the setting itself elevates the distinctiveness of your Goa escapade. Join us and immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience that will forever enhance the tapestry of your Goa memories.

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