Kayaking in Sal backwater of Varca


Varca, South Goa




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Kayaking in Sal backwater of Varca
Kayaking in Sal backwater of Varca
Kayaking in Sal backwater of Varca


This trail starts about 10km away from the end of the River sal which opens into the sea in Betul. Since it's in close proximity to the sea there is current in these waters which changes according to high tide or low tide making it slightly more challenging than the Sal Backwaters in Nuvem. Birds found here differ in size. This river is home to many migratory as well as resident birds whose size is bigger than those found in Nuvem. Storks, White-bellied sea eagle, brahminy kites along with bats which are seen in the narrow dense parts of this stretch of the river. This river is full of fish which range from small to big in size. The small fishes are often seen jumping out of the waters trying to imitate a dolphin. If lucky you can even spot otters in these waters. For a rest stop during low tide, it's even possible to take get into the water and take a dip and relax.

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