Kayaking in Sal backwater of Nuvem


Nuvem, South Goa




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Kayaking in Sal backwater of Nuvem
Kayaking in Sal backwater of Nuvem
Kayaking in Sal backwater of Nuvem


Perfect for beginners, this trail starts from about 5km away from the source of the pristine river Sal, where we kayak for about 1.5km towards the source and return back to our start point. Since this water is far off from the Sea opening its calm waters make it easy for beginners to paddle their way through back and forth. The river gets dense and narrow in a few places which gives it an Amazon-type feel. The Nuvem Sal Backwaters is an ecosystem of its own with a plethora of about 50 bird species, several trees, and plants ranging from coconut, mango, cashew to lotus and mangroves. The trail in the morning offers misty waters, lotuses, and morning birds. Whereas the trail in the evening offers majestic sunsets coupled with flocks of birds that fly towards the southern sky. One can even grab some beverages for the trail sit back relax and enjoy the sunset.

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