South Goa Tour of Museums & Heritage Homes

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South Goa Tour of Museums & Heritage Homes
South Goa Tour of Museums & Heritage Homes
South Goa Tour of Museums & Heritage Homes
South Goa Tour of Museums & Heritage Homes


This tour is based on the concept of how the local people of Goa lead their lives. We begin first by visiting a Goan museum called Goa Chitra which is a tribute by its founder to his ancestors and to their way of life using age-old wisdom passed down through generations. It is an unique collection and display of traditional farming implements and other ancient tools of trade. We then drive down to the earlier capital city formerly called Chandrapur today known as Chandor, to visit the Mansion of the prominent Indian journalist, writer, politician and anti-colonial activist from Goa Luís de Menezes Braganza. He was one of the few Goan aristocrats who actively opposed the Portuguese colonisation of Goa. We then drive from Chandor to a nearby village called Quepm to visit a Palatial house called Palácio do Deão which was built in 1787, by a Portuguese noble man Jose Paulo, who was Dean of the Church and the Founder of Quepem town. It is built in an unusual style of architecture and has an interesting blend of Hindu and Portuguese cultures. The house is situated on a hillock, which faces the Church the Dean built. It has been restored and opened for the public. Visitors can enjoy Indo-Portuguese cuisine on the belvedere, overlooking the Kushavati River on prior booking. We finally then drive to the traditional covered market of Margao where one gets to see the local produce of Goa set up for sale under this covered shade and sniff on the traditional aroma of the local Goan Sausages called chorizo .

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