Baba Au Rhum Brunch


Anjuna, North Goa




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Baba Au Rhum

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Baba Au Rhum Brunch
Baba Au Rhum Brunch
Baba Au Rhum Brunch


Baba au Rhum is a French bakery and café, located on a back road in Anjuna, and considered The Mecca of baked goodies in Goa. The restaurant is spread over a large open space, overlooking some gorgeous fields, and easy relaxed seating. The space itself has a lively upbeat energy that is complemented both by the guests as well as by the peppy in-house music. With its vast menu of choices that range from soft delish, baguettes, ciabatta and croissants to eggs cooked to your choice (including shakshuka and eggs benedict), to quiches and crostinis, to wholesome English breakfast options that can be absolutely customised, to yummy wholesome smoothies and shakes; Baba Au Rhum wholeheartedly invites and satiates the breakfast/brunch junkie in you! Chef’s Recommendations - Baguette Sandwich, Supreme Burger, Earth Pizza, Croissant Sandwich, Brewed Beer and the Vietnamese Coffee.

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