Why is OneBoard Free?

Why OneBoard is Free for Customers & Providers?

At OneBoard, we're on a mission: to enable real expert micro entrepreneurs to deliver authentic experiences to explorers. A question we often hear is, 'Why is OneBoard free?' The answer is simple: No commissions from customers, and absolutely no charges for providers. Here's why:

In today's world, we believe that exceptional experience providers deserve visibility and a chance to build their online presence—for free. We stand by the power of community and network.

Launching tours and activities is tough, especially for individuals. Major platforms like Google, Instagram and Facebook now focus on influencers and businesses, leaving smaller entrepreneurs to struggle.

Our belief is simple: Everyone should have an online presence, reach their audience, and have tools to manage and stay organized. As travel and tech experts, we're here to help, investing our time and resources in your success.

Local providers can manage their entire operations for free—send quotes, add new experiences in under 5 minutes, handle bookings, automate waivers, generate professional receipts and invoices, and even collect payments via our integrated gateway directly to their bank account.

How We Make Money?

As providers grow, advanced features will be introduced for a fee. Custom sites and bigger team business features will also have associated charges. However, the essential toolset for solo providers will always remain free.

For providers dealing with tourists and fast-moving activities, especially in Goa, reach out to us with your net rate. We'll collaborate to sell your offerings through our networks, creating mutual success in the process. Join us on OneBoard, where your success is our priority.


Curated for couch potatoes, explorers, and weekend travellers, OneBoard’s list of authentic experiences is put together to help you discover parts of Goa that remain infamous. With our inter-connected experience ecosystem, you can create a highly personalised tour, attend a local workshop or find cool new things to do. Your search ends with OneBoard.

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