Adventure formula by Konkan Explorers


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Chapora, North Goa



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Adventure formula by Konkan Explorers
Adventure formula by Konkan Explorers
Adventure formula by Konkan Explorers


This yachting expedition package sounds like an amazing adventure in Goa! This is a 3-hour program and the combination of cruising on a beautiful yacht along the Chapora River, exploring the Arabian Sea, and enjoying a variety of activities like kayaking, stand-up paddling, and swimming, makes for a fun and memorable experience for everyone. The fact that the excursion is family and group-friendly, and suitable for all ages, is an added bonus, as it allows for a diverse group of people to come together and have a great time. The opportunity to spot dolphins in the Arabian Sea is also an exciting prospect that adds to the thrill of the expedition. Providing drinks and snacks on board ensures that guests can enjoy their time on the yacht without having to worry about provisions. Also, this excursion yacht is equipped with a mini marine toilet a pop-up tent for changing and a freshwater shower for a quick rinse. The availability of experts to guide and protect guests throughout the trip is also reassuring, making the experience safe and enjoyable for all. Overall, this yachting expedition package is an excellent way to spend a leisurely day out or to seek some activity and adventure in Goa. I highly recommend booking this experience for anyone visiting the region and looking for a fun and unique adventure.

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