Two Faces of Goa

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Rachol, South Goa




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Two Faces of Goa
Two Faces of Goa
Two Faces of Goa


Goa is known for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, but there's a whole other side waiting to be explored. OneBoard brings you the Two Faces of Goa, a walking tour with Soul Travelling, a unique experience that will awaken all your senses. Embark on a journey through Rachol, a charming riverside village. Immerse yourself in its old-world charm and witness the majestic gateway to a lost Portuguese fortress, shrouded in mystery. Next, be awestruck by the colossal Rachol Seminary, Asia's largest, a testament to Goa's colonial past. Take a scenic ferry ride across the river and be transported to a completely different world: Shiroda. Untouched by Portuguese influence, this village is a cultural gem brimming with fascinating stories and legends. Explore a local temple steeped in history and feel the essence of authentic Goa. Beyond these two villages, venture away from the hustle and bustle to a secluded farm nestled in the Goan hinterlands. Indulge in a taste sensation with a spread of authentic Goan snacks, a true treat for your taste buds. After a day of exploration, cool off and rejuvenate with a refreshing dip in a natural freshwater pool. The perfect way to end an unforgettable adventure. This isn't just a walking tour, it's a sensory experience that unveils the hidden faces of Goa. Explore stunning architecture, delve into captivating history, savour delicious cuisine, and connect with nature, all in one incredible journey. Ready to Discover Goa's Secrets? Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience Goa like never before! Book your Two Faces of Goa by Soul Travelling with OneBoard today and embark on a captivating adventure through time, culture, and nature.

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