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Two Faces of Goa

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Rachol, South Goa




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Two Faces of Goa
Two Faces of Goa
Two Faces of Goa


Our two faces, the villages of Rachol & Shiroda, though neighbors, completely contrast each other when it comes to local culture! Let us welcome you to a unique experience of Goa where all of your five senses are treated. You are welcomed to the first face: Rachol, a beautiful riverine village. The village boasts of an old-world charm through a lost fortress, shrouded in mystery & it's monumental Seminary - promising to remind you of its glorious past of Portuguese rule - which also stands as the largest in Asia! You are then transported to a completely different land on a ferry boat - the village of Shiroda - where you will uncover a cultural gem untouched by the Portuguese - accompanied with some very interesting legends! Here is where you realize these two beautiful faces indeed complete your journey in Goa! Not just that, you will also make your way to a farm away from civilization - deep in the hinterlands of Goa - here your taste buds are treated with some authentic snacks & therapy in a freshwater pool! An experience that has been tailored to give you the best of 3 worlds!

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Rachol Historical Fort Gate

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