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Latin Quarter Walk

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Panjim, North Goa




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Latin Quarter Walk
Latin Quarter Walk
Latin Quarter Walk


Panjim, the current capital of Goa is known for its Indo Portuguese styled architecture that was one of the first to be established when the capital was moved. One beautiful little section that was built during the making of Panjim was Fontainhas, also called the Latin Quarters of Panjim. From the times of the tobacco trade to the minting of coins and the final administrative centre of the Portuguese, Panjim has seen it all. With a special focus on the Fontainhas area, we discover the 'Making of Panaji'. We learn how ‘Nova Goa’ developed as the new capital city after the older capital, Old Goa crumbled down with disease. We listen to stories about the most prominent monuments of the area. In addition, we visit a local house and one of the oldest bakeries of the city and try out some local delicacies! Let Panjim give you an experience of Goa that will seem like a whole new world altogether!

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