Ghost Hotel Agonda (Sina Hotel)

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Agonda, South Goa




Ghost Hotel Agonda (Sina Hotel)
Ghost Hotel Agonda (Sina Hotel)
Ghost Hotel Agonda (Sina Hotel)
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At the end of the Agonda beach in South Goa, you can find an abandoned spooky little structure, which the locals call the ‘ghost’ hotel. ‘Sina Hotel’, is an abandoned hotel that was being built by a couple of Russian entrepreneurs. Local villagers say the reasons the hotel didn’t get completed range from legal hassles to financial trouble and the murder of one of the owners. However, no one knows for sure. The hotel would have been a beautiful resort as it is situated on a hill with a gorgeous view of Agonda Beach. Unfortunately, all that’s left of it today is reported stories of ghosts believed to be frustrated spirits that still haunt the incomplete hotel premises. The sightings are accompanied by noises of glass breaking, windows shutting wildly and evil screams from the house. Looking to become a ghostbuster? Visit the Ghost Hotel and tell us about your experience.


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