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Fontainhas Heritage Walk - Panjim

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Panjim, North Goa




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Make It Happen

Fontainhas Heritage Walk - Panjim
Fontainhas Heritage Walk - Panjim
Fontainhas Heritage Walk - Panjim


Step back in time and wander through Goa's captivating past on the Fontainhas Heritage Walk by Make It Happen. Immerse yourself in the charm of Panjim's Old Latin Quarter, a vibrant neighbourhood where colorful houses whisper stories of a bygone era. Your journey begins with a knowledgeable local guide, eager to share the hidden secrets of Panjim. At Tobacco Square, history unfolds before your eyes as you hear intriguing tales of the Portuguese influence that shaped the city. As you stroll along narrow lanes, prepare to be transported to a world untouched by time. Marvel at painstakingly preserved heritage buildings, their pastel facades adorned with intricate details. These architectural gems are a testament to Goa's rich past, standing strong against the tides of modern development. No exploration of Fontainhas is complete without a taste of its local delights. Indulge your senses at Panjim's oldest bakery, where you can savour traditional Goan treats alongside a refreshing beverage (subject to bakery hours). Let the delectable flavours tantalize your taste buds and transport you even deeper into Goa's cultural tapestry. But the magic doesn't end there. Get ready for a unique cultural encounter as you meet a renowned local musician. Immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of their live performance, a harmonious blend of Konkani and Latin styles that reflects the soul of Goa. This walk isn't just about history and culture; it's about supporting the local community. Visit a store showcasing handcrafted local products – the perfect opportunity to take a piece of Goa's magic home with you. As you browse unique souvenirs, remember that your support empowers local artisans and keeps their traditions alive. The Fontainhas Heritage Walk by Make It Happen is more than a walk; it's a captivating journey through time, a celebration of culture, and a chance to connect with the heart of Goa. Are you ready to embark on this enchanting adventure? Book your walk today and discover the hidden treasures of Fontainhas!

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