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Dudhsagar Waterfall Tour
Dudhsagar Waterfall Tour
Dudhsagar Waterfall Tour


Escape the beach for a Goa adventure! The Dudhsagar Waterfall and Spice Plantation Tour packs nature, history, and yummy food into one epic day. Buckle up for Dudhsagar Falls, a majestic giant cascading over 1000 feet into a cool, inviting pool. Nicknamed "sea of milk" for its misty white spray, this waterfall is surrounded by lush jungles and teeming with wildlife. Ready for more? We'll spice things up with a visit to a local plantation, where you'll explore exotic plants and savour a delicious Goan lunch. Then, it's on to Old Goa Church, a stunning reminder of Goa's rich Portuguese heritage. Monsoon season offers the most dramatic waterfall views, but plan your trip between October and May for safe access. While relaxing by the beach is tempting, this Dudhsagar Waterfall Tour takes you off-road for an epic jeep ride through the jungle to Dudhsagar Falls. Imagine bouncing along for 30 minutes in a 4x4, spotting deer, monkeys, and maybe even some rare wildlife! The government-run jeeps depart from Kulem, just 60 km from Goa's capital, Panjim. They'll conquer the dense jungle and a couple of streams to get you close enough to the falls for a short walk to the base. Just remember, there's a small fee to enter the forest area and another for professional cameras. But that's a tiny price to pay for this unforgettable Goa experience!

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