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The OneBoard Story, Part 3: Growth, Refinement and Empowering Providers  banner Image

The OneBoard Story, Part 3: Growth, Refinement and Empowering Providers

In October 2022, during one of our bi-weekly All Hands meetings our investors mentioned a promising tech enthusiast named Shreyansh. Intrigued, I swiftly reached out, setting up a call that would soon change the course of OneBoard's journey.

Our initial discussions went really well, and there was so much alignment, and we had great open and transparent conversations. What was initially intended as a part-time collaboration quickly evolved into a full-time commitment and co-founder role.

Before Shreyansh joined our ranks, progress was steady, but somewhat measured. However, with his arrival, the pace transformed dramatically. We boldly decided to rebuild from the ground up, shedding any excess baggage. Shreyansh led the charge, assembling a team of front-end engineers. By March 2023, after four months of intense web development, we had four live products to show for our hard work.

In April 2023, we launched our B2C platform with over 200 experiences that were available across Goa. As of September 2023, we have over 740 experiences on our platform and growing.

When OneBoard came to life, it wasn't just about launching another platform; it was about building connections and forging experiences. It all began during my Piggy days when boards of experiences adorned our office walls. Over time, they multiplied, scattered everywhere, until we realized OneBoard is all you need. And so, OneBoard was born, a dynamic digital QR, a canvas for providers to showcase their offerings, and a seamless journey for adventurers seeking experiences.

Our mission is twofold. First, we ensure your safety by vetting providers, turning our platform into a secure haven. Any serious misconduct results in immediate blacklisting, safeguarding your trust and well-being.

Second, we're driven to combat scams and enhance transparency. Seeing how easily people fall victim to scams is disheartening, especially in this digital age. We believe in accountability. We believe in doing things the right way.

We're also passionate about feedback. For this reason, OneBoard users can leave a review, share their experience and guide others on what to expect. Your words have the power to shape the future.

Providers are the heart of OneBoard. We're committed to their growth and professionalism. With our user-friendly app, they have all the tools at their fingertips, including real-time updates and a touch of automation that adds a professional touch to their services. No need for costly websites that tie them down. OneBoard simplifies their journey, putting them online in minutes. Let them focus on what they do best, and we'll take care of the rest.

Our platform is more than just a marketplace; it's a brand-building space. We're a dedicated local startup, empowering local providers and standing by them every step of the way.

At OneBoard, passion drives us, purpose guides us, and together, we're changing the game of experiences, one adventure at a time.

Thank you for reading our story. If you have any questions, please text us on WhatsApp at +91 8766720168.

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