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Goa’s Motorcycle Pilots: Your Two-Wheel Lifesavers! banner Image

Goa’s Motorcycle Pilots: Your Two-Wheel Lifesavers!

In the vibrant streets of Goa, when you need to reach that government office, court, or even the fish market, there's one trusty mode of transport that Goans rely on – the motorcycle pilot!

The Origin Story:

These black and yellow-clad motorcycle pilots emerged as saviours on two wheels during Portuguese rule. Recognized by the Indian government in 1979, they've become a well-regulated part of Goa's transportation scene.

More Than Just Transport:

From transporting your documents and luggage to ensuring you make it to important appointments on time, motorcycle pilots are your go-to heroes. They deliver newspapers to remote villages before sunrise and navigate labyrinthine streets to reach relatives off the map.

Disciplined and Trusted:

You won't encounter any unruly behaviour, street brawls, or inebriated riders among motorcycle pilots. They're known for their self-discipline and adherence to their code of conduct. In fact, they often call each other out for any misconduct. A motorcycle pilot isn't just a service provider; they're considered 'a trusted neighbour, a guide, a helping hand in good times or bad, and a reliable friend.'

Shining Beacons of 'Road Safety'

Even when clients urge them to pick up the pace, motorcycle pilots steer clear of reckless riding. When it comes to rash driving, motorcycle pilots in Goa are a rare breed. Considering that Goa has one of the worst records for road accidents, it's impressive how motorcycle pilots maintain such a high standard of road safety. Despite their considerable numbers on Goan roads and the vast distances they cover, including various terrains, they're a shining example of responsible driving.

Facing the Elements:

Despite waiting for hours and enduring harsh weather, motorcycle pilots always greet you with a smile, asking: Patrao! Pilot zai? However, the monsoons can be tough on their business, costing them almost four months of income.

So, when you're in Goa, keep an eye out for these two-wheel lifesavers! You'll find them at key landmarks like railway stations and bus stands. While their fares may vary, they're always ready to get you where you need to go.