Born in Goa, Based in Goa and Growing in Goa. Building technology in the travel space for the world.


Our Mission

We hope to enable REAL expert providers to deliver authentic experiences to explorers

How we plan on achieving that

Through constantly building onto our innovative platform which simplifies administration, sales & marketing for providers, while fairly rewarding influencers and enablers


Our values

How we behave
● Be open and honest in all forms of communication and content
● We should take responsibility and ownership as often as we can and work towards the same goals
● Be ambitious and set high expectations and clearly communicate it. Dream big.
● Be happy and have fun in the process. Cause we all love travel and tech and remember to show appreciation of the work put in

How we work

● Be appreciative of the fact that someone's trying something new, especially if it fails.
And encourage experimentation and innovation - backed by research and data
● Regular team check ups and see that everyone is doing good and if they need any help
● Framework driven and always working towards the goals keeping values in mind.
● Provoke the providers & customers to be 0 carbon footprint and help the planet

How we plan

● Provider First - Always think of the betterment of Providers
● Be financially sustainable, monitor unit economics and accordingly charge/share with our
stakeholders fairly (enablers/providers/experience seekers)
● Make things simple and efficient - our clients are busy + not tech savvy
● Enable more people to travel, explore and experience - be a explorer rather than a tourist


Align with us?

We are constantly on the look out for talent.
Email us at [email protected]