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About Us

At OneBoard, our mission is to simplify your search for Authentic Experiences in Goa. If you are looking for a day-long adrenaline rush, an immersive historic or nature-based experience, a creative workshop to boost your skills or a beachside activity, OneBoard is a melting pot. Here, you can find something to do on weekdays or weekends, day or night. If you are looking for an experience, we will do our best to make sure you have the right information at hand.

Are you an experience provider? Our products are designed keeping you and your customers in mind. Reach out to us to know more.

Are you an explorer looking for something to do while you are in Goa? We’ve got you covered. We have curated a host of experiences that you can sign up for. If you want to Do It Yourself, we also have a list of DIYs

To ensure authenticity and quality of experiences, we personally make sure to verify all the information so that you don’t have to.

Our Mission

We aim to enable REAL experience providers to deliver authentic experiences to REAL explorers who want to live outside their regular bubble.

How we plan on achieving that

Through constantly building onto our innovative platforms, and simplifying administration, sales & marketing for experience providers.

By curating a platform where explorers of all ages and preferences can find something they would like to do and either connect with experience providers in real time or save it for a future date.

Our values

How we behave

1) Be open and honest in all forms of communication and content

2) We take responsibility and ownership as often as possible and work towards the same goals.

3) Be ambitious and set high expectations and clearly communicate them. Dream it. Achieve it!

4) Show appreciation for the work put in because we all love ‘travel and tech’

5) Be happy and have fun in the process.

How we work (act)

1) Be appreciative of the fact that someone’s trying something new, especially if it doesn’t succeed. And encourage experimentation and innovation - backed by research and data.

2) Regular check-ups with experience providers and our team to get real feedback and provide assistance if needed.

3) Our process is framework driven and always working towards goals keeping our values in mind.

4) Provoke experience providers and explorers towards having a negligible carbon footprint, thereby helping the planet.

How We Plan & Make Decisions?

1) Authentic Experiences - Ensure we verify all the information about an experience so explorers can make informed decisions.

2) Experience Providers First - We always think of the betterment of our experience providers so they have the best platform available.

3) Make things simple and efficient - Our experience providers are busy and/or not tech-savvy.

4) Be financially sustainable - Monitor unit economics and accordingly charge/share with our stakeholders (experience providers/explorers) fairly.

5) Be an explorer rather than a tourist - Enable more people to travel, explore and experience Goa.

Align with us?

Reach out to us if you

1) Love exploring and doing out of the box things

2) A hustler willing to put in 40+ hour weeks

3) Enjoy working in a fast paced environment

Email us at

Partner with us?

Reach out to us if you

1) Are an experience provider

2) Looking for a way to reach a bigger, better audience

3) Create an online presence for yourself

Email us at

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Curated for couch potatoes, explorers, and weekend travellers, OneBoard’s list of authentic experiences is put together to help you discover parts of Goa that remain infamous. With our inter-connected experience ecosystem, you can create a highly personalised tour, attend a local workshop or find cool new things to do. Your search ends with OneBoard.

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